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What To Be Wary Of When Wild Camping

Hitting the road in your motorhome affords you a sense of freedom. It gives you the chance to explore, to stumble across places you may not otherwise have found. It’s that feeling of independence that appeals to so many, and it can offer plenty of variety too. You’re bound to meet people from all walks…
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A motorhome in the UK

Know Your Motorhome: Get Wise About Size

Whether you’re a motorhome owner or hirer, chances are you’ll treat the vehicle as your pride and joy. That means keeping it clean, regularly maintaining the engine, checking tyre pressures and generally fixing any issues as soon as they come to light. It’s your home away from home, so it’s only right that you look…
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Councils To Crack Down On Motorhome Parking? Comfort Insurance

Councils To Crack Down On Motorhome Parking?

Recent years have seen motorhomes and campervans become increasingly popular, and it’s encouraging to see so many people discover a new way of life when they hit the road. The positives are there for all to see – a chance to explore different places, meet new people, be at one with nature and yet still…
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Welcome to Scotland – FLS Opens Arms to Responsible Motorhome and Campervan Owners

The past two years have seen an incredible rise in staycations across the UK, particularly in Scotland, famous for its beautiful scenery, remote locations and rugged landscapes. A recent survey showed Scotland as second choice in the preferred domestic holiday region, losing out only to the South West as the top destination for spring 2022.…
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Location Apps For Adventurous Motorhome and Campervan Travellers

With such a huge number of mobile apps available for motorhome owners, it can be difficult choosing the best one for your needs. Perhaps you’re the more adventurous tourer and you’re looking for a remote location to set up home for a few nights. Maybe you’re searching for other like-minded individuals in the campervan community…
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Is The Future Electric? The Growth of Electric Motorhomes and Campervans

There’s little doubting that electric cars are the future. The UK government’s ban on new petrol and diesel cars from 2030 is looming ever closer while rising fuel prices are also making traditional vehicles less viable. Electric vehicle sales hit new records in 2021 even as the wider market stalled – with more battery electric…
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