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Whilst motorhomes and campervans provide the perfect accommodation for a UK staycation, whether it be a long weekend close to home, or a longer scenic jaunt further afield, they also provide the ideal means to venture to the continent of Europe. You can also take your pets with you too. Read on to find inspiring places to visit, places to stay and tips on driving and travelling in Europe in your motorhome…

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Tips for Long-Haul Motorhome Adventures

Going on long-haul motorhome adventures often requires a fair amount of planning, and even though they are exciting they can also be extremely tiring. Furthermore, if you don’t plan properly you could find yourself in some dangerous situations during your trip that even your motorhome insurance provider will struggle to help you with! So if…
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UK Motorhomes Under Pressure from Europe

The manufacturing industry in the UK has been much talked about in the press lately; many critics and economists uphold manufacturing as the UK’s way to economic recovery, while others believe that better trade links with Europe and elsewhere in the world is the best thing for economic growth. For the motorhome industry, UK brands…
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Our Top Ten European Motorhome Drives

According to a survey from, March is the top month for holidaymakers dreaming about getting away from the UK; the average Briton spending about thirteen minutes a day thinking about their own trip. Of course, that got us thinking: where would we go if time and money were no option? Well, just to whet…
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Motorhome Regulations in Europe

In Europe, breakdown services run a little differently to over here and it’s important to be aware of the differences just in case you find yourself in trouble. Here’s a quick guide to the process in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Safety Equipment Unlike in the UK, you need to carry a few items with…
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Top Tips for Enjoying your Motorhome Holiday

A motorhome holiday could be the best family holiday experience you ever have; however there are a few things you should know before you set off. Plan Your Journey It is best to plan your journey before you go. Don’t think you are going to see the whole of England in a week because you…
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Motorhome Gas Canisters

The camping stove is a feature of any good holiday and trying to light up those little blue canisters in the pouring rain is something few of us will forget in a hurry! But whether you have a camping stove on board or perhaps an integrated gas cooker, travelling with gas canisters can prove problematic…
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