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Caravans provide the perfect home from home when you’re on your travels and enable you to take your car with you on your holiday too so that you can explore your surroundings. Read on to find out more about the caravan lifestyle and how to tow your caravan…

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Towing a Caravan: The Only Guide You Need

Hitching a caravan to the back of your car and hitting the open road is one of the great British pastimes, offering a convenient and inexpensive way to get away from it all. And, unlike camping, you can take along with you some of those creature comforts you’re used to at home. The trouble is,…
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Getting a Campervan License

So you’ve been reading up on the lifestyle that comes with owning a campervan for some time, you’ve spotted a few models you’re interested in and you’ve checked out how much the campervan insurance is going to set you back. Well, the next step is to get yourself a license! You can’t drive anything weighing…
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Towing a car or trailer

The development of small cars such as the Smart Car, and also developments in A-Frame technology has meant that more people are considering towing a car behind their motor caravan.  Generally, this shouldn’t present a problem, but there are some important things to consider.
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