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Towing a car or trailer

The development of small cars such as the Smart Car, and also developments in A-Frame technology has meant that more people are considering towing a car behind their motor caravan.  Generally, this shouldn’t present a problem, but there are some important things to consider.

Firstly, consider what cover is provided by your policies:  your motorhome policy will provide third party insurance for a towed car or trailer whilst it is attached to the motorhome.  Any damage that occurs to the car itself whilst being towed should be covered by the car policy (provided that you have comprehensive cover).

Secondly, if you take your motorhome abroad and tow a car, you need to be sure that the car insurance provides for foreign use, and for the length of time that you intend to travel.  Some private car policies only provide a limited number of days per trip, so you may need to arrange for anything longer than this to be added to your policy by endorsement (and there maybe an additional premium).

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