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Charity Calls for Lower Speeds

Road Safety Charity BRAKE is proposing major changes to how motor vehicles are used in the UK and if their plans come to fruition we will all be driving in a different way.

A set of initiatives by the charity are all aimed at killing speed and ensuring pedestrians and cyclists have nothing to fear from motor vehicles and their drivers. The “Rural Roads Are Not Racetracks” message is aimed at drivers such as campervan and motorhome owners who spend many hours on rural roads. A survey by a well known motorhome insurance provider found that drivers on these quiet roads were often lulled into a false sense of security and increased their speed because of the absence of other traffic on the roads. The report found that a 10% increase in speeds on such roads resulted in a 30% increase in accidents. BRAKE are asking motorists on rural roads to anticipate danger round every corner and drive accordingly. They also want the Government to reduce the default 60mph to 50mph on rural roads and for local councils to implement even lower speeds where problems have occurred in the past.

This leads onto their next campaign entitled “20’s Plenty in Communities”. The charity believe the time is now ripe for the Government to fund a blanket 20mph limit in urban areas. They believe Government money should be made available for more walkways, cycle paths and pedestrianised areas in our towns and cities. They say motorists should recognise that 20mph is a “compassionate and responsible way to drive and that people should be able to walk and cycle safely in their communities without fear which is good for health, well-being, and the environment.”

“No to 80mph Motorways” is their third message and they base their call for no increase in motorway speeds on a report by Professor Rune Elvic who found that the proposal would probably lead to more crashes, deaths and serious injuries on our motorways.

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