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Choosing European Motorhome Sites

motorhome parkIn the next few months a number of motorhome owners will be planning on going to Europe for their annual holidays, however some may struggle when it comes to finding the perfect motorhome sites.  The thing about Europe is that it’s such a big continent and campsites differ from country to country so you need to make sure you research them all properly before you book a pitch.  Here we look at some of the things you will need to consider when searching for European motorhome sites:

Types of Campsites

Even though motorhome sites differ in each country there are some things that most will come with – however you can never be too sure!  Motorhome sites usually cater to a specific type of camper and you will need to know about this before you go otherwise you could find yourself in an awkward situation.  For example, some campsites cater for families while others are strictly for over eighteens, and there are also some more unconventional campsites such as those that let visitors get back to nature and don’t have facilities like electricity.  There are also a number of naturist campsites in Europe too, so unless you really want to get back to nature you need to watch out for these!


If you are planning on travelling to various countries in Europe you will need to regularly stay at campsites where you can perform basic maintenance on your motorhome every now and again.  We advise that you visit a campsite that has electricity, toilet and shower facilities and convenience stores at least once a week so that you can stock up, prepare your motorhome for the next seven days and make sure you get a good rest.  One of the great things about travelling in a motorhome is that you have cooking and washing facilities at all times and fending for yourself is part of the adventure, however it is advisable to get back to civilisation every now and again just to make sure everything remains in working order throughout your trip!


Some caravan sites are open all year round, while others are only available during certain periods.  For example, caravan sites based near beaches and traditional holiday spots generally only stay open during the warmer summer months, while those that are near ski resorts will only be open during the winter.  Even caravan sites that say they are open all year round may have only certain facilities open during designated months, so it is essential you check this before you go.  The last thing you want is to get there and find that the thing you were looking forward to is closed or unavailable!  At the same time if you know a caravan site has great facilities you will need to book in advance as sites like these can fill up quickly during peak seasons.

Franchises and Motorhome Groups

The motorhome and camping industry has a number of key players much like any other industry, and the good thing about franchises is that you know that no matter where you go a certain number of services and facilities will be provided.  Hoseasons is a well-known campsite provider who has built a number of caravan and camping sites across Spain, France, England, Italy, Croatia and more.  There are also a number of other companies that offer motorhome and camping services across Europe, many of which have websites that help you search for motorhome sites and find the ones that are right for you.  Don’t forget to read motorhome magazines and books too as they are packed with great ideas for motorhome holidays and can advise you of a motorhome site that you may not have heard of before!

Stay Safe

When booking a motorhome site the first thing you need to think about it how safe they are, especially if they are in an area or country you have never been to before.  Motorhomes are expensive and therefore are often targeted by thieves, which is why you should find out what security measures the motorhome site your planning on staying at has put into place.  Your motorhome insurance can help cover the costs of theft or damage to your motorhome, however you want to be able to enjoy your holiday and not spend your time making a claim!

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