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Choosing the Right Insurance

A motorhome is a big buy and, undoubtedly, you’ll want to make sure you get the right insurance policy to be certain that you can recover the cost of any damages you might incur. There’s a good variety of insurance policies available for motorhomes online and it makes sense to do you research and find cover that really suits you.

The risks

If you’re on the road with a motorhome there’s obviously the chance that you could incur damages. Even when you’re parked it’s possible that somebody might scrape or scratch your paintwork and you need to be covered. You might also need cover for theft and contents, especially if you’re spending a long time in campsites.

Type of cover

You’ll almost certainly want to take out fully comprehensive motorhome insurance to protect both yourself and other users. Some insurance providers may offer third party, fire and theft cover and though this can be cheaper it makes the chance of you being able to claim for damages on your motorhome much smaller.

Cover abroad

If you’re taking your motorhome abroad you’ll need to make sure that you’re covered in the European Union or perhaps even further afield. It’s important to check the details of this carefully, especially if you’re planning to be away for a long time and travelling to a variety of different countries.

The best advice is to read the small print, know exactly what level of cover you need and then work out where you can get it for the best value. There’s only false economy in buying policies which won’t actually cover you in the event of you incurring any damages and it’s far better to pay a small cost upfront and potentially save yourself a lot of money in the long term.

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