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CIE is coming! (Part 2)

If you read the previous blog you will know that from January next year Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) comes into play.  It brings with it the new offence of “Keeping a vehicle without appropriate motor insurance”.  This has a potentially serious impact on motorhome owners, as if the vehicle is taxed it must be insured even if it is not in use on the road.  It works by comparing the databases of the DVLA and MID.  Anyone not appearing on both will be challenged to provide evidence of insurance, and anyone failing to respond will face further action.

This new initiative poses a number of possible problems for both the insuring public and the insurance industry.  The most significant factor is that of accuracy, i.e. making sure that all the insurance details are correct, including the registration number, name and address.  Computers are not very good at understanding mis-spelling and, even though the authorities have programs in place to try and deal with this, a warning letter from the MIB when there is proper insurance in place would not be welcomed.  So it’s important that customer give accurate information, and that we within the insurance market ensure that we check the data.  We are already under strict requirements to get information on to the MID database quickly (we are only allowed 7 days), and we face repercussions if we fail to do this.

Nobody wants to fall foul of the law when they have taken all the right steps, so what can people do to avoid problems?

  • If your vehicle is taxed but not in use, either declare it SORN or make sure insurance is in  force
  • When you take out a policy, make sure the information you supply is accurate, and check your policy documentation when you get it to make sure it is correct
  • If you are unfortunate enough to incur a fixed-penalty fine as a result of the CIE process the vehicle will still have to either be declared SORN or insurance cover arranged, otherwise you could face further action without warning

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