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Cleaning your Motorhome

Motorhomes are sturdy beasts and can usually take a fair amount of mud, dirt, rain and anything else, but that doesn’t mean they’re exempt from a good clean every once in a while. Cleaning your motorhome thoroughly will protect you from things like mould, rust and damp and it ought to help it last just that bit longer.

The Tools for the Job

Motorhome cleaning is not quite the same as cleaning your car at the weekend. The scale of a lot of new motorhomes makes it a challenge and so you need the right tools. For the exteriors of bigger vehicles you might want to use things like foam lances and large pressure washers with a good spraying nozzle and inside there’s no substitute for a good hoover. Don’t underestimate the potential of ordinary household cleaning products either; they can be very useful for interior surfaces – just check the label before use.

Chemical Products

Plenty of good products are available for cleaning motorhomes, one popular product is ‘snow foam’. It’s quite an expensive product but is really good for getting a few weeks’ worth of grime off of your vehicle. Be careful, too, if you’re using anything that is not specifically for use on the exterior of your motorhome, chemical products can be a lot stronger than they appear. Always use caution because your motorhome insurance policy is unlikely to refund any damages that overzealous use of the wrong chemical has caused – especially if it’s to mechanical parts.

A Professional Job

Of course, professional cleaners can be really useful for some of the grimier parts and any ordinary cleaner will be happy to deal with your oven cleaning, for example. If you’re taking on a big conversion of something really old, too, you might want to find out a specialist motorhome cleaning service – grime that’s been hanging around for a long time can damage paintwork if it’s not removed properly. Your dealer will often point you in the right direction here.

Cleaning is really important for preserving your motorhome and spending a bit of money to get the right tools and products can really help you get the job done quicker and more effectively. Clean your motorhome inside and out ideally after every trip. Keep it sparkling and it will reward you!

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