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Cold Snap to Hit Campers Again

Though we’ve had some light relief from the extreme cold spell we experienced a couple of weeks ago, February has arrived and the cold weather could be back with us very soon. Below-zero temperatures are forecast for the coming week and campers out in the UK are in for a very tough time keeping themselves warm. Here our top tips for braving the cold if you’re out in your motorhome this month:

Check your Heating System

Heating, just like anything else, needs a bit of looking after for time to time, and just because the meter says twenty degrees it certainly doesn’t mean that’s what you’re getting. If you haven’t had a service on your heater in a few years, it’s definitely worth getting it looked at: the efficiency savings may be well worth the cost, and you might even be able to claim on your motorhome insurance.

Combine Gas and Electricity

For maximum efficiency you should combine gas heating with additional boosts from electricity sources. Bar heaters can be effective when you just need warmth quickly but they do present a fire risk, so always be cautions when using them for long periods. Far better is to ensure your heating is on a timer, so it comes on early in the morning and in the evening automatically.

Keep the Heat In

Your body is heated to 37 degrees, which is far more than any heating system, so make use of it! Shut all the windows and doors and see to any small cracks or draughts that sometimes appear in old motorhomes. Make sure you have a few spare blankets stored away just in case, the nights in the UK are particularly cold and it’s important to start the day warm.

Camping in the cold is perfectly manageable, but to be comfortable you do need to have a few extra provisions. Be extra careful of illness in the cold weather too: extreme cold can sink in and will make any underlying conditions worse, so take care and know when enough is enough.

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