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Comfort Insurance is Which Motorhome Insurance Provider of the Year 2015!

Which Motorhome Insurance Provider of the Year 2015There are hundreds of companies out there offering customers various types of motorhome and campervan insurance; however here at Comfort Insurance we believe we offer something special to our customers, something that no other provider can. But how can we prove this? Well, one way is to have various industry awards under our belts, which is why we are extremely proud to announce that we have once again been awarded Which Motorhome Insurance Provider of the Year!

This is the seventh time that Comfort Insurance has been selected as the winner of this prestigious award, however far from being complacent with our win we are excited to build upon our services for all our customers. Charlotte Davies, Marketing Manager at Comfort Insurance, said: “When we found out we won the whole office was over the moon. It’s a huge team effort here, something that shows in our review. Without our excellent customer service team and our dedication to providing low-cost quotes we would not be able to win this award, so it’s a big well-done to all!”

In Which Motorhome’s article they note that “it’s not always the big companies who offer the best deals. Smaller, specialist brokers who really understand the market can sometimes provide very competitive quotations.” Comfort Insurance has always been proud of the fact that we may not be the biggest motorhome insurance broker on the market, however our products and customer service are second to none.

One thing that we noticed in our review was that it said our quote came with £1,500 of personal effects and 90 days of EU cover, however as our customers already know we actually offer £3,000 of personal effects and 365 days of EU cover to everyone! All this and we were still able to provide a final quote of £236.19 – the cheapest across all the brokers.

The whole point of the Which Motorhome Insurance Provider of the Year Award is to help customers save money on their insurance policies yet ensure they are getting the right level of cover. At the beginning of their article they remind readers: “choosing the right level of cover will protect the things that are important to you whilst saving money on items you don’t really need.” This can be particularly important when it comes to mileage as you don’t want to pay an additional premium for 6,000 miles when you only intend to use 2,000!

Ben Cue, Head of Operations at Comfort Insurance, said: “We know that no one jumps for joy when buying insurance, it’s just something that we all have to do. However, we try and make sure that each and every one of our customers receives the right level of cover at the right price. Taking the time to understand the market and our customers has really helped us provide a range of high-quality insurance policies.”

“Slick service and amazing value for money once again make Comfort the one to beat” is how Which Motorhome summarised our company, which is something that we hope all our customers agree with. Going forward, we want to do even more to ensure our customers receive value for money and great customer service. This includes adding more benefits to our current products, expanding into new products and, of course, providing valuable information for motorhome and campervan owners on our website.

Everyone here at Comfort Insurance would like to thank Which Motorhome for awarding us with Provider of the Year 2015. We are extremely honoured and will continue to strive to be the best for years to come!

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