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Company develops Laptop desk for Motorhomes

There have been numerous reports recently stating that the motorhome industry is improving and that there has also been a rise in motorhome sales in both America and the UK, and many have even claimed that this is signalling the end of the recession in both countries. The increase in motorhome or RV sales has also caught the attention of other companies who want to become involved in the expanding market, meaning that more accessories for motorhomes are being designed and developed.

For instance, a company called Pro Desks has released a new laptop desk specifically for motorhomes. The company says that they understand that many motorhome owners take their laptops with them when going on holiday, and so they have designed a desk that will hold laptops in place securely when on the road. The stand can easily be bolted onto the seat rail bolts of most motorhomes, which then provides the owner the ability to tilt, swivel or turn the desk so that they can use their laptop conveniently.

Marketing Executive of Pro Desks, Sara Danes, said: “Motorhome and RV owners will be happy with this new computer desk. This laptop desk is made out of the most rugged material in the industry. You invest once, and you enjoy the comfort it brings for years.” The desk also includes an articulating arm which means that you can move it from side to side, and even use your laptop outside of the vehicle. Furthermore, the secure hold can prevent thefts, which is one of the biggest worries for motorhome owners when taking their laptop with them on holidays.

Pro Desks have also claimed that their new product is adaptable so that it can hold a variety of laptops, including large widescreen versions. This means the desk will not just be useful for motorhome owners, but also those that use their vehicles for professional purposes such as consultants, long haul truckers and delivery vans. It is interesting to see that companies are now coming up with new motorhome accessories that not only improve the overall motorhoming experience but also promotes the safety of owners’ belongings.

Just remember, if you do plan to add new structures or technology to your motorhome you must contact your motorhome insurance provider and let them know first, otherwise you could find that your policy won’t cover your new purchases.

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