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Country Driving


Some of the most beautiful spots in the UK are only accessible by road and, sometimes, that road doesn’t really seem like a road at all! Unlike in the USA or a lot of the continent, some of the country roads in the UK can be marked as an A or B road but are little more than single-tracks which are totally unsuitable for motorhomes. Here’s a few tips to taking on the country lanes safely…

Go Slow

Seriously: there is no such thing as too slow when it comes to lanes with poor visibility. Depending on how far ahead you can see, 30mph should be your absolute top speed with probably half of that being appropriate for most bends. Though the national speed limit applies through most country lanes, your motorhome insurance provider is very unlikely to cover you if you’re hitting the top of the limits.

Using your Horn

There is some debate as to whether you should use your horn to alert other drivers of your presence when taking on tight bends. Though it’s absolutely right to want to warn other drivers, you can’t see who’s coming round the corner. Horses and wild livestock will react badly to loud motorhome horns and may well be scared off causing possible injury to animal and, potentially, rider. Be sparing with your horn and conscientious of its impact.

Heeding Warnings

If you’re in a rural area it’s absolutely vital to heed the warning signs. Width, height and weight restrictions all show absolute limits so you need to know your motorhome’s vital statistics by heart. Equally, use common sense if you see ‘road narrows’ signs: it may well be wide enough for you, but you’ll come into problems if you meet somebody.

Country driving can be quite a challenge for big vehicles so always take it steady and if in doubt just turn around. A sat-nav can be a useful device for finding alternative routes through the country but beware: what it thinks are roads might be little more than footpaths!

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