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Driver Fatigue in Cornwall Twice the National Average

A report from one of the UK’s most isolated areas shows that drivers in the region are twice as likely to have an accident due to tiredness than in any other part of the country.

The report from the Cornwall Road Safety Partnership (CRSP) has only just been released but the figures were collated in June 2011. The original remit of the report was to discover what influence drink driving had on accident figures in the county in the holiday season, but the investigators found that tiredness contributed to the figures equally as much. The researchers discovered that a large proportion of the accidents involved holidaymakers who had made long journeys into Cornwall and were unused to driving for such long periods. A number of these involved vehicles typically covered by campervan insurance as youngsters travelled from all over the UK for the heady mixture of sun and surf that can be found on Cornwall’s coastline.

Paula Wellings, speaking on behalf of the CRSP, said “It is devastating to lose somebody through any collision but when the need for sleep is one of the main reasons why somebody crashed it just seems so sad because it is rectifiable.”

Motoring experts suggest that drivers should take a 15 minute break every two hours to keep their concentration levels up. During the break drivers are advised to have a caffeinated drink and if possible a power nap. However, BRAKE, one of the leading road safety charities in the UK says that many drivers are simply ignoring the advice. They point out 1 in 5 accidents on UK motorways is caused by driver fatigue and are urging the Government to spend even more money on making motorists aware of the problem.

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