The end of the Volkswagen Type 2 Kombi?

Last year it was sadly announced that Volkswagen would no longer be producing the iconic Type 2 Kombi, a campervan which is often associated with the sixties and a firm favourite of campervan enthusiasts worldwide. Unfortunately, the company has to cease production of the vehicle as it does not adhere to new Brazilian Health and Safety laws which state that all vehicles must have airbags and anti-lock braking.

Production of the Type 2 Kombi had already been halted in Europe back in 1979 due to Health and Safety regulations, which is why production was based solely in Brazil up until now. Once the vehicles were manufactured they would then be sent around the world to be converted and painted, and just this week Danbury MotorCaravans received their last delivery. Only ninety nine Type 2 Kombi’s are being delivered to the motorhome and campervan specialist, and we expect that there will be a huge demand from customers looking to secure their chance of owning one of the iconic vehicles.

A spokesman for Danbury, the sole UK importer of Type 2 Kombis, said: “It has been a fantastic vehicle and it is a shame that it has come to an end.” However, there have been some reports that the Type 2 Kombi may not have seen the end of the line just yet. Apparently, the Brazilian finance minister Guido Mantega is pushing for the Type 2 Kombi to be exempt from the new Health and Safety laws, as he argues it would be impossible for it to have had airbags or anti-lock braking as these features were not available in passenger cars when the campervan was first created back in 1950.

Mantega’s proposition will be looked upon favourably not only by fans of the vehicle around the world but also those that work in the production plant in Brazil. Keeping the Type 2 Kombi in production could also benefit Brazil as a whole, as it is the sixth best-selling commercial vehicle in the country and brings in money from around the world. By keeping the vehicle in production the country would retain money entering their economy from around the world.

Even if Mantega’s plans are not approved Volkswagen will still have a prominent place in the campervan market. For just a few extra hundred pounds customers will be able to purchase the versatile VW T5 which comes in Surf, Active and Royale versions which Danbury offer to adapt to each customers’ specifications. Each model comes with a Diesel two litre engine with either 120, 140 or 180PS (Pferdestärke, German for ‘horse-strength’) which are quieter and more economical than the Type 2 Kombis’ engines.

The T5 campervans also come with modern facilities and storage options in order to provide value for money and enable campervan owners to make the most out of their new purchases. Depending on whether customers choose the Surf, Active or Royale version of the T5 they will be able to choose the number of seats required (from three up to five) and whether they are fitted with double or twin beds. Nearly all versions also come with removable tables, a two version hob with grill under, swivel seats and optional tailgate awnings for night.

For those with a bigger budgets Volkswagen also offers the T5 Doubleback with the revolutionary electric slide out rear pod which adds almost two metres to the length of the vehicle. When first displayed to the public there were mixed reactions to the pod, with some feeling it was a clever inclusion while others thought it is too different from the original campervans. Regardless of whether you are a fan of the pod or not there is no denying that the features of the T5 Doubleback are impressive, as owners will be able to benefit from a considerable amount of space thanks to the extendable roof and various storage features.

Whether the Type 2 Kombi will remain in production is yet to be seen, however if you intend on buying one of these iconic models, an alternate VW campervan, or any other campervan for that matter we have some good news. As of 2014 Comfort Insurance will be providing customers a brand new campervan insurance product to cover your new or existing model and provide excellent cover for competitive prices. To find out more keep an eye on the Comfort Insurance website, or our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages.

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