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Five Must See Bridges in Europe


Are you looking for your next big adventure in your motorhome? Well if you are we have come up with some amazing bridges to take a drive on around Europe! I can already here you thinking “why would want to drive on an amazing bridge” well obviously one of the main elements of your motorhome holiday is driving. With this in mind you may as well drive on something that is eye catching and interesting and there are certainly a few bridges that fit this description in Europe. It can be a little daunting driving on a bridge in a motorhome as the lanes are often very narrow, as well as scenery that could be distracting and the fact that you are likely to be driving over water of some sort. Even so, these bridges are well worth the visit!

Pont de Normandie – France

First on the list is Pont de Normandie in France. Now the first thing to mention before you even get to the bridge there is an arching approach road that is situated in the air and looks like the beginning of a rollercoaster… What better way to start your motorhome adventure! There is usually a “good side” to any bridge, meaning that they usually look better from one angle than another. To fully appreciate the architecture of this bridge the best direction to travel in is west. Once you are heading west Honfleur is definitely worth a stop in. It is a pretty little town in Northern France where there is a great motorhome aire which is right on the harbour… The bridge theme seems tempting now doesn’t it!

Clifton Suspension Bridge – Bristol

Ok so this bridge is much closer to home as it is right here in the UK which means there is no excuse not to go. It is a little bridge set in some lovely scenery although check the weight limit of the bridge before you leave just in case your motorhome is too heavy. The suspension bridge is the smallest that we are going to feature on the list and because of this the best way to fully appreciate it is probably on foot, which is just as well if your motorhome is too heavy. It shouldn’t be too difficult to reach the bridge though as it is just through Clifton village and while I know you still aren’t fully convinced on a motorhome adventure based on which bridge to see, why not spend the weekend in Bristol too. There is a lot to see here including the floating harbour, Bristol zoo as well as museums and galleries.

Øresund Bridge – Demark and Sweden

Øresund Bridge is the longest bridge in Europe and for this reason only it is definitely worth a trip. It is situated between Denmark and Sweden and stands at 5 miles long as well as another 2.5 miles of tunnel. Driving over this bridge will take you from Copenhagen to Malmö so you could easily spend a week enjoying a holiday either side of the bridge.

25 de Abril Bridge – Lisbon

It has to be said, this bridge has a very strong resemblance of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco although we are probably not the first to say (write) this and won’t be the last. Again this bridge has a best side and that is heading into Lisbon. This way you get to see everything from the river views and the city views. Lisbon is smaller than other capitals around the world and due to this it is often overlooked but definitely worth a visit. There are some great world class museums, galleries and some heritage sites. What more could you want on a motorhome adventure?

Millau Viaduct – France

Last up on the list is Millau Viaduct in France and it is massive. There is a motorhome aire in Millau but arrive if you are planning on staying here as it gets rather busy the bridge after all is the twelfth highest bridge in the world.

Before embarking on your motorhome adventure make sure you have run your regular maintenance checks and that you have breakdown cover and your motorhome insurance is up to date. Also make sure you have checked any legal requirements before heading abroad to make sure you don’t break any laws unknowingly. Ignorance is not a valid reason for not complying so stay safe and have a fantastic adventure. Also make sure that your motorhome is suitable for the bridges you intend to cross and have checked if there are any costs that are incurred.

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