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Fuel Prices Still on the Rise


With the Olympics over, the daily grind has set back in and the focus turns back to our struggling and ever more expensive economy. Unfortunately for the motorhome community, one side effect of difficult economic conditions is rising petrol prices. We have seen a relative lull in price rises over the last few weeks, but with winter drawing nearer, fuel demand will be higher and prices will start creeping up again. How can you combat fuel prices and make sure getting around is as cheap as possible?

Make Use of Technology

Petrol prices vary considerably from garage to garage, so don’t get caught short where it’s super expensive! There are plenty of apps that can couple with your sat-nav to tell you where the cheapest fuel stops are on route. As a general rule, services off the motorway and in the centre of major cities tend to be the most expensive, so try to hit supermarkets and local fuel fillers where you can.

Loyalty Discounts

You can get a loyalty card for everything these days, but if you’re a regular traveller, you can do very well when it comes to fuel stations. Most major chains will offer you a brand-specific loyalty scheme but that’s not all, make the most of bank cash-back deals (such as the Santander 123 card which offers 3% cash-back on fuel) and umbrella loyalty schemes: you probably didn’t know you could pick up Nectar points at BP garages.

Energy Efficient Updates

Fuel is only going to get more expensive, so why not make changes to your vehicle? Small energy efficient updates like solar panelling or improved insulation will improve your fuel costs considerably, just ensure you let your motorhome insurance company know before you make any changes.

There’s no need to suffer in silence when it comes to increased fuel prices, especially when motorhome owners are some of the worst hit. Make sure to use all of the technology available to you, tap into loyalty schemes where you can and remember that saving just a few pence a litre can mean a big saving over a year.

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