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Getting the Right Motorhome Insurance

As with a car it is illegal not to have insurance for your motorhome, and for good reason, as the insurance will cover you against crashes and theft. However, when purchasing motorhome insurance many owners go for the quickest, cheapest quote which seems great on the surface but can leave you short of cover when you need it most.

Motorhome vs. Car Insurance

Many car insurance policies will cover motorhome and so there is a temptation to add a new motorhome to an existing motor policy, as it will be cheap and quick. However, car insurance policies are not adequate for covering motor homes and can leave you without the proper protection in the event of a claim.

Think about it this way, a motorhome will be filled with more valuables, will travel in different ways and has a different type of security to a car. Therefore, a car insurance policy will be lacking in certain areas for a motorhome and although it may cover you against a crash it will most likely not cover your valuables in the event of theft or damage.

Where are you going?

When comparing motorhome insurance you may want to go for the cheapest quote you can find, but before purchasing this you should ask yourself why it is so cheap and thoroughly read the cover details. The chances are that a very cheap quote will only cover your motorhome in the UK and only on the road or at your house.

However, if you have bought a motorhome you are probably going to go on holidays in it, stay at campsites and maybe even travel to Europe in it. If this is the case then the very cheap quotes may not pay out in the event of a claim made in Europe or at a holiday park. It is therefore checking the policy details thoroughly and making sure you get one that covers all your needs.

Motorhome Types

When buying car insurance the first questions tend to be about the model, make and age of the vehicle, as the price will vary depending on the specific type of car. However, when it comes to motorhome insurance some providers will simply offer a set rate for all motor homes which could end up costing you more or not giving you full coverage.

Motor homes are as different as cars and so when you are getting insurance for your vehicle it is important to make sure it will cover your specific motorhome as well as your belongings, your travel and the passengers.

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