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Handsfree Motoring


It’s important to keep connected these days and there’s no reason why that can’t happen in your motorhome too. If you’re on the road with friends or in need of directions there’s nothing more useful than being able to pick up the phone and find your answer. However, across Europe and especially in the UK there are stringent regulations against using mobiles or personal desktop devices on the road. So, what are your options when it comes to going handsfree?


The traditional way of going handsfree is to use a bluetooth headset or mounted bluetooth device on your dashboard. You can use these to take calls and make calls while driving but it’s important to remember to set them up before you drive off – any tinkering on the road is illegal and if you’re driving a motorhome while using a gadget you could be more heavily penalised than someone in an ordinary car.

Integrated Systems

Many motorhomes come new with a telephone and, occasionally, an email system integrated with your vehicle. Take some time to properly set up any system you have – it will really pay dividends if you know you can make a call just when you need it. Some systems will also require you to set up voice recognition which may involve some time commitment so make sure you try before you drive!

Voice Recognition Software

Before you go investing in a bluetooth device or an expensive extras package on your new motorhome be aware that there are lots of mobile phones which are starting to integrate voice recognition software. It may be that in a couple of years you’re able to send and receive texts, make calls and easily download emails all with your voice. Make sure you check out the capability of your phone before you buy anything extra.

Whatever device you use make sure it’s covered on your motorhome insurance policy and remember: using a phone while on the road is a serious offence. Don’t take the importance of going handsfree lightly!

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