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Happy New Year from Comfort Insurance

It’s been a turbulent year for motorhome owners, and whatever you’ve been up to you’re sure to have seen a few surprises. From those incredible few weeks during the Olympics to the tragic floods we saw last month, 2012 has been quite a year, and next year has some act to follow!

New Models to Come

Though we’ve seen a number of 2013 models hitting the showrooms already, it’ll be January before we really get out hands on what is available. There are some exciting offerings on the way, and it looks this year like manufacturers are focusing on value for money: good sized motorhomes packed with lots of features and not too many frills.

January Motorhome Awards

January will also see the judging of the Caravan Club Motorhome Awards which will determine who tops the board over different motorhome categories. Hotly competed will be the luxury motorhome, where the motorhomes on the market at over £75,000 will be pitted against each other. The result will determine the dream motorhome for 2013!

A Fresh Start for Motorhome

Owners The New Year always has to come with a resolution or two, so why not make it your resolution to make sure you’re running your motorhome as efficiently as you can. Get the tyres properly inflated, give it a good clean out and make sure you’re getting the best motorhome insurance deal you possibly can. If you get into good habits from the start, you can make sure 2013 is a year to remember!

Whatever you’re up to this New Year’s Eve, make sure you enjoy time with friends and family and, while you’ve got the group together, why not plan your next big trip for 2013? A very happy New Year from all of us at Comfort Insurance and we’ll see you in the new year…

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