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Hitting the Highlands in your Motorhome

Image of Scottish CastleScotland has been in the news a considerable amount recently as next month a referendum will take place where Scottish nationals will be able to vote on whether the country should remain in the UK or not. Regardless of your opinion on this political debate, there is one thing that motorhome enthusiasts can all agree on and that is that Scotland is an ideal place to go on a motorhome holiday. For years, motorhome owners have been heading to Scotland in search for adventure, so if you haven’t taken advantage of this amazing country yet here are some great ideas:

Hit the City

No trip to Scotland is complete without a visit to some of their iconic cities including Edinburgh and Glasgow. Each of these cities has its own flavour, for example Edinburgh is smaller than Glasgow yet is steeped in history and culture, whereas Glasgow has an amazing night life and is packed with restaurants and bars. As each town is an hour apart it’s easy to visit both on your journeys, however parking your motorhome may be a bit of a struggle. Most car parks in Glasgow and Edinburgh will have height limits, so if you are planning on staying for the day it may be an idea to search online for suitable parking areas or contact local councils for more information.

Hit the Beach

The UK is not really known for its beaches, which is a shame as the reality is that we have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Beaches in Scotland are particularly impressive as they are usually surrounded by headlands meaning you get a real sense of solitude. If you are a fan of surfing then it is essential you head to Scotland’s beaches during your holiday, especially Armadale Bay Beach in Sutherland. If you are looking for something really secluded try Farr Beach in Bettyhill, which is separated from the local village by a river which you need to trek round in order to access it. No matter which beach you choose to visit make sure you park your motorhome somewhere secure as they are often targeted by thieves, and the last thing you want is to have to claim on your motorhome insurance half way through your trip!

Hit the Highlands

If you love getting back to nature then make sure you take some time out on your journey to visit the highlands and go on a proper hike. There are literally dozens of areas of natural beauty you can hike through in the Scottish highlands, which means that you should be able to choose one that appeals to your sense of adventure (and your level of fitness!) To make things even easier you can download some of the popular trekking routes to a GPS which means that you will be able to get a better idea of your trek before you set off and be less likely to get lost on the way. However, you must still remember to pack sensibly before any hike as the weather in the Scottish highlands is extremely unpredictable and there is nothing worse than being caught out in a torrential downpour!

Hit the Scottish Isles

When you take into consideration all the islands off of the Scottish coast you come to realise that Scotland is a large and extremely diverse country. Even though you may generally associate island hopping with countries such as Thailand and Croatia, you can actually book a number of island hopping tours across the Scottish Isles where you can experience everything they have to offer. In total, Scotland has 790 offshore islands that are just waiting for you to visit, however not all of them are easily accessible. If you want to visit some of the smaller islands then you will need to arrange ferry rides, however if you would rather stick to the larger islands you may be able to access them via road as many are now connected to the mainland via bridges. Make sure you check all this before you head off in order to make sure you can visit certain isles during your trip.

Scotland is one of the most varied countries in the world, which means that it has something to offer everyone. If you have never visited the country before then make sure you visit websites and forums to find some great tips and advice on where to visit and how to make the most out of your stay!

Photo by Diliff / CC BY-SA 3.0

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