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Hosepipe Bans


You’ll have heard about the hosepipe ban that is due to come in force in the South-East of England on Thursday but something you might not have considered is whether you’ll be affected as a motorhome owner. There has been some confusion as to whether filling up a motorhome water tank with a hosepipe contravenes the regulations. If it is found to be illegal motorhome users could suffer a fine of up to £1000.

What’s the Situation?

To minimise the risk of a serious drought, water use is being limited in parts of the country. This is only intended to affect unnecessary water use, however, things like hosepipes are the first to go as they use a lot of water. Domestic water use is still allowed, however, and it is unclear whether filling motorhome tanks for the use of domestic facilities like toilets and sinks is allowed.

Who does this Affect?

The provisions don’t affect all of the country and even in the South East only certain water providers are imposing a ban. Thames Water, Anglian Water and South East Water are a few companies who are, but some are requesting exemptions. If you think you may be affected you should contact your local company.

What can I do?

At the moment a consultation is being undertaken but so long as you are using your water for drinking, washing or cleaning it’s fairly safe to say you won’t be breaking the law. It’s good, though, to be vigilant and though a legal dispute is unlikely, a good motorhome insurance policy could help you cover your costs in the event of a disagreement.

Keep an eye on the news for any updates but for the meantime you should be safe using your hosepipe to fill up your water tank for domestic use. We will of course keep you posted if any developments arise so keep an eye on the blog!

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