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Keeping your Motorhome Secure

A motorhome is a big investment for anyone and it is important to keep it safe and secure. Of course every motorhome driver should be covered with a comprehensive insurance policy but there are a number of other ways to keep your vehicle secure.


When you buy your motorhome it will of course come with standard locks on the main cab doors and the cabin door as well, but additional locks can stop thieves from breaking in and even just deter them by being visible.

On the door through the living area an additional number bolt lock can be an excellent deterrent as it is visible and hard to break. Plus if any thieves do get through it they still have another lock to tackle and may get spotted in the time it takes to break in.

Another visible and practical deterrent is a steering or handbrake lock. Not only will it stop thieves from driving off with your motorhome if they get in, it may put them off from the outset by simply being there.


If you have bought a new motorhome in the last few years you will most likely have an alarm pre-installed on it, but if not getting an alarm added to your vehicle can be a great way to keep it secure. An alarm can alert you to an attempted theft, scare of burglars and be a visual deterrent as well.

Even if you already have a traditional alarm on your motorhome there are additional alarm type systems you can add. Immobilisers and sound bombs can also be a fantastic deterrent and will help keep your motorhome safe.


However, even if you add all of this to your motorhome there is still a chance that it could be stolen, but if that happens there is still one little device that can help. A motorhome tracking device can sit unnoticed in the vehicle and in the event of theft will allow you to see where it is being taken. You can even sync these devices with your mobile phone so that you are instantly aware of what is happening and can tell the police where to find your stolen vehicle.

The possibility of theft is not nice to think about but it can happen and it is much better to be safe than sorry. All of these devices can keep your motorhome protected and what’s more can also save you money on your motorhome insurance premiums!

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