Motorhome Security

Welcome to the motorhome and campervan security blog pages.

As motorhomers ourselves, we know how important keeping your vehicle safe and secure is to you. Whilst insurance provides protection and peace of mind should the worst happen, nobody wants their pride and joy to be stolen or suffer any damage whilst thieves attempt to steal it – prevention is better than cure.

In this section, you’ll find some helpful information and guidance to help you protect your precious motorhome from being stolen, so that you can keep travelling and making memories.

We’re a family run business with over 30 years' experience in the provision of specialist motorhome and campervan insurance. With a wealth of awards under our belt, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly and professional service, offering you the most comprehensive cover money can buy -  starting from just £220!

Motorhome for the Zombie Apocalypse!

Surviving the zombie apocalypse isn’t just about luck. It’s about being prepared, having all the items you need to survive at your disposal, and being ready to move at a moment’s notice. After a great deal of research, we think we’ve come up with the perfect vehicle for surviving the apocalypse. Survive the apocalypse with…
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How To Protect Your Motorhome & Campervan From Theft: Top 10 Security Tips

1. Protect your keys Avoid making it easy for thieves. Always remove keys from the ignition and store them in a safe place. Consider storing keys in a pouch to protect keyless entry fobs from relay attacks. 2. Make your vehicle extra secure Fit steering wheel locks, gear locks, clutch claws and wheel clamps. They’re…
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Cheap and Easy Ways To Avoid Night-Time Chancers When Wild Camping

Cheap and Easy Ways To Avoid Night-Time Chancers When Wild Camping Going wild camping is one of the best ways to be adventurous in your motorhome. Getting back to nature, disconnecting from the world and going to sleep in a new location each night – what’s not to love? Yet even though there will always…
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A motorhome in the UK

Know Your Motorhome: Get Wise About Size

Whether you’re a motorhome owner or hirer, chances are you’ll treat the vehicle as your pride and joy. That means keeping it clean, regularly maintaining the engine, checking tyre pressures and generally fixing any issues as soon as they come to light. It’s your home away from home, so it’s only right that you look…
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How to Reduce Your Motorhome Insurance Costs

Here at Comfort Insurance HQ, we always try to offer the most competitive premium on the market. Whether you’re seeking your first motorhome insurance policy or have been a customer of ours for years, we always try to get you the fairest price for the coverage you need. Our family-run business was started over 30…
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motorhome wheel clamp

Motorhome Security Tips and Hacks

Motorhomes and campervans have had a renaissance in public perception since the emergence of coronavirus and the increased popularity of staycations. Many people who tried ‘van-life’ for the first time have resolved to purchase their own recreational vehicle and demand has peaked over the last 2 years. According to an article in the Daily Express…
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