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Lego Campervan Now on Sale

Campervan enthusiasts are notoriously keen on getting a bargain, well they can now lay their hands on a campervan for less than £100 and the good news is they won’t even have to purchase road tax, petrol or even campervan insurance. There is one slight drawback in the fact that it is in over 1000 pieces and may take some putting together.

The Campervan we are talking about is a Lego version of the iconic original 1960s VW Volkswagen Camper and has in fact been officially licensed by the German manufacturer. The red and white Lego van has been designed by John Henry Harris and has many features that surfers and travellers the world over will recognise. It has a pop up roof, a gaudy pop-art interior design, t-shirts hanging from the window and even a lava lamp to give it that extra hippy look. Just like the real thing the model has a bench seat that converts into a bed, a sink unit, a cupboard with mirror and of course a folding dining table. The double doors of course open wide allowing easy access into the living quarters.

Designer Harris is delighted with the finished product and told reporters: “Its unique character and charm have made it loved all over the world. It has come in so many shapes and sizes, interiors and exteriors that it really lent itself to a Lego model. There is lots of technical building within the model that I think Lego fans will enjoy. I’m also hoping it will appeal to a wider audience, not just Lego fans. I think the Volkswagen community out there will really appreciate this model.”

The Lego van retails at about £80, unfortunately fans of the model will need around another £20,000 to buy the real thing.

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