Motorhome Company launches in India

The popularity of motorhomes and campervans varies from country to country, meaning that in some parts of the world the idea of travelling by motorhome is generally unheard of. Clever motorhome manufacturers and sellers are therefore looking to countries where there is little competition on the market and economies that are leading to many members of the public gaining extra disposable income. Therefore, it is no surprise to hear that recently a motorhome manufacturing company has recently started bringing motorhomes to the Indian public, and it seems that they are already proving popular.

JCBL is based in the city of Punjub, and along with the leading Italian motorhome manufacturer Pier Luigi Alinari (PLA), have teamed up in order to create luxury motorhome for the Indian public. So far they are offering two different luxury motorhome models to the public, each of which are built on Fiat chassis and are priced between Rs.75lakh and Rs.78 lakh. Discussing the introduction of motorhomes to India, JCBL managing director Rishi Aggarwal said: “These motorhomes can be seamlessly converted into an office, guest house, entertainment place or a home away from home. With its Fiat Ducato chassis, vehicles will get a pan-India service back-up from Fiat-India.”

Aggarwal is confident that the motorhomes will become popular in India in the near future, and hopes to gain the same amount of success as motorhome manufacturers in Europe and America. Furthermore, he believes that the Indian public would be interested in motorhome due to their value for money and practicality. He said: “The price of a motorhome is even lesser than some high-end cars sold in India. The hassle of searching for a hygienic washroom will soon be a thing of the past as JCBL motorhomes come with tastefully designed bathrooms equipped with a chemical toilet, hot shower and wash basin.”

Meanwhile, the founder of PLA-Italy also believes there is a great amount of potential for the motorhome industry in India and said: “The motorhomes offer a very safe and comfortable travelling option. I had visited India in the late 1970s and saw bullock carts and other things moving on the roads. Now, I find that amazing development has taken place in this country and is ready for things like motorhomes.” It will be interesting to see how the introduction of motorhomes to India will affect its sister industries such as motorhome insurance providers and tourism, as well as the Indian economy in general.

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