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Motorhome driver rescued from swimming pool

A motorhome driver in the USA had a remarkable escape when his mobile home ended up in a neighbour’s pool but he will have an awkward time explaining to his motorhome insurance company just exactly how it happened.

Remarkable pictures from a passer-by show a semi submerged motorhome lodged in the private swimming pool of a property in the Brockton District of Boston, Massachusetts. The driver was pulled from the pool by a quick thinking passer-by and a neighbour before the emergency services arrived on the scene and took him to hospital.

Larry Lambert described how he was driving down North Quincy Street when he saw a motorhome back out of a drive before careering through several gardens and ending up in a swimming pool, he said: “He literally went into the yard across the street from his house and the next thing I knew, he put it back in drive and drove back across the street and onto the owner of the motorhome’s own property where it smashed through the yard. We both reached into the pool and got him out. He said the accelerator got stuck and then he said something about maybe his shoes got caught on the (accelerator) pedal.’’

Mr Lambert did not name the man but recognised him as a customer at his auto repair business and believed the man had recently had surgery on his feet. The man suffered only minor injuries but his motorhome insurance providers had to hire two giant cranes to retrieve the vehicle from the swimming pool, while the owner of the swimming pool must wait for engineers to check if it is still safe to use.

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