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Motorhome Driving on Ice

It’s that time of year again where the roads start freezing up, snow starts falling and things become very slippery down country lanes. If you’re taking your motorhome out this winter, you’ll need to very aware of the dangers of driving on ice and you’ll need to know a few techniques to help you keep safe. Here is our quick guide to driving your motorhome in icy conditions;

Go Slow

Reducing your speed reduces the risk that you will skid on a patch of ice as turning the steering wheel makes a much more gradual change to your velocity. If you’re going too quick and your try to steer, your tyres will move a much larger distance causing you to lose grip much quicker. Take it slow and be safe.

Tyre Tread and Chains

When you have very limited grip on the road, any tyre tread you do have is incredibly important. Make sure your tyres are still well above the legal grip limits and if you think you’ll be doing considerable driving in ice, it may be worth investing in specialist tyres. Snow chains will be handy if snow is packed onto the ground but shouldn’t be used on clear tarmac.

Keep in High Gear

Wheel-spinning on ice is very common and especially dangerous for motorhomes which can easily topple over. A higher gear ratio will keep you stable on ice and reduce the chances of your motorhome losing grip altogether. The reverse is true when going downhill; a lower gear will help to minimise your engine speed and may slow you down better than your footbrake.

Icy conditions can be lethal for motorhomes, so if you’re off out in the ice make sure you keep any emergency breakdown information and your motorhome insurance policy handy. Wrap up warm and keep focused; you can’t always see the danger ahead so expect it to be there.

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