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Motorhome Hire Insurance – How to Hire a Motorhome from Friends and Family

Have you ever thought of borrowing a motorhome from friends or family and being able to enjoy the freedom of the open road? It’s a really cost-effective way of experiencing the joys of outdoor living and can help the owner cover some of the running cost of their vehicle too. For most people, one of the challenges is getting the right insurance, so that the hirer, additional drivers and the motorhome are fully covered, not to mention protecting the motorhome owner’s interests too. At Comfort Insurance, we’re here to help make the process of hiring a motorhome a little easier. This guide will provide all the information you need when it comes to hiring and renting out a motorhome!


What are the benefits of renting a motorhome?

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to renting a motorhome. Motorhomes make the perfect holiday accommodation as they provide the ultimate freedom to explore, are self-contained and give optimum privacy. A key feature motorhome owners love is having all their household appliances, e.g. kitchen/bathroom equipment in their vehicle which makes it extremely easy to travel from one place to another as effortlessly and comfortably as possible, as well as having access to these facilities whilst on a long journey.

Motorhomes are a fantastic way of travelling if you have children. They provide the flexibility to stop off whenever you want and to break up the journey to give the kids, driver and passengers a break. Journeys are a lot more tolerable in a vehicle you feel at home in, not to forget the handy on board toilet facilities! Motorhomes provide all the freedom you need to explore the UK and Europe with access to plenty of campsites – there are over 1,400 campsites in the UK alone!

Hiring a motorhome will give you the opportunity to meet like-minded people whilst on your travels. Also, an added benefit of hiring a motorhome is that it’s far cheaper than travelling by plane, with the typical flight cost for a family of four being upwards of £1,200 and probably more.

For motorhome owners, a benefit of renting out a vehicle to friends and family is that there’s the peace of mind that your motorhome is in the safe hands of trustworthy people. There’s also the added benefit of perhaps saving a few pounds in not having to pay for the motorhome’s storage whilst it’s being used. This could help fund the cost of buying or running a motorhome.


What things do I need to think about?

Hiring motorhomes is becoming more popular and it’s a great way of enjoying a holiday. There are a growing number of commercial hire businesses throughout the UK, with motorhome manufacturers also providing hire services. There are different motives for hiring – such as for a holiday or to try out a certain type of motorhome with a view perhaps to buying a similar make or model.

The starting point of your hire journey is deciding which type of motorhome you want to hire. Whilst you can hire vehicles commercially, there are other ways of hiring. If a family member or friend owns a motorhome that they are willing to let you borrow, we’ve made this process possible with the Comfort Discover Hire policy.

Before collecting the motorhome and heading off on your adventure, it’s important to understand the elements of the handover process. Crucial to a successful hire is a hire agreement. This operates between the motorhome owner and the person borrowing the vehicle. Similar to hiring a car, the handover agreement is important because it documents the condition of the vehicle at the start of the hire and is designed to protect both parties involved in the hire. The hire agreement should be used when the vehicle is returned, hopefully in the same condition – that means no nasty surprises such as being held responsible for damage you didn’t cause.

Another part of the handover process is understanding how everything in the motorhome works, so that you can get the most out of your trip. This involves you being shown by the motorhome owner how appliances work, e.g. cooker, shower, how to erect the awning, how the motorhome toilet, waste and water system works, how to plug into the mains at a campsite, etc. It’s also important to know the type of fuel the motorhome takes and how to refuel it. If unsure, ask the motorhome owner before setting off on your travels.

Driving a motorhome is a lot different to driving a car and there’s a lot to take into consideration before heading off. The size of motorhomes makes them difficult to perform three point turns or to squeeze into small parking spaces – so it’s important to get familiar with driving and manoeuvring them. Speed limits are different for motorhomes that weigh more than 3.05 tonnes, so it’s crucial you know what the speed limits are for the type of motorhome you’re hiring. Ensure the motorhome owner you’re hiring from shows you how to use any camera systems and satnavs and familiarise yourself with the choice of route you’re going to take to avoid narrow roads.

Some hire agreements may specifically state where the person borrowing the vehicle can and can’t take the vehicle. The agreement could place restrictions on mileages that can be covered and/or whether the vehicle can be taken abroad. It’s important that you check and understand this information, either in the hire agreement documents or with the vehicle owner. With the Discover Hire policy, whether you’re travelling locally or further afield you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re fully covered…..this extends to Europe too.

A lot of people like to take their pets on their holidays. Whilst the majority of motorhome owners are pet lovers, not all motorhome owners are happy allowing pets in their vehicles. If you are intending to take your pets with you when you hire a motorhome, it’s always worth checking in advance whether this is permissible – it’s better to be safe than sorry!


Why would I hire from friends and family?

A lot of people prefer to hire from friends and family, a potential benefit to this is mates’ rates. This allows you to get a discounted price when hiring from someone you know. Friends and family might be only too pleased to let you borrow their vehicle if they’re not using it full-time and will be happy that it’s being used when it would otherwise be parked up doing nothing – it’s a win-win! It also might be more convenient for you to borrow a motorhome from friends and family rather than hiring on a commercial basis.

Hiring from friends and family is easy! All they need is a motorhome which is insured under an annual Comfort Insurance policy. To get you on your way all you need is a cost effective and easy to arrange Discover Hire policy – starting from as little as £20 per day!


How long can I borrow a friend or family member’s motorhome?

If you’re planning on hiring a motorhome from a friend or family member – you’re going to need insurance. That’s where Comfort comes in! Our Discover temporary motorhome insurance allows friends, family or other users hiring or borrowing a motorhome to be fully protected during their travels for a period of between 3-30 days. Perhaps you’re looking for warm, dry and convenient accommodation for a festival? Or maybe you’re looking to take your family off on an adventure across to Europe? The choice is yours!


What to do if the worst happens

Spending time in a motorhome should be all about having fun and not having to worry about any unexpected things happening whilst on your travels. With the Discover Hire policy, you can be confident that you have specialist cover for this special type of vehicle.

It’s always inconvenient to have a breakdown, especially with the added worry because it’s not your own vehicle. But you can rest assured that should the motorhome break down during the period of hire, there will be someone there to assist, whether it be in the UK or Europe. With Discover, breakdown cover comes as standard.

You’ll have peace of mind that should you be involved in an accident, or the vehicle be damaged in a storm or even a fire in the kitchen, this is covered under the Discover Hire policy too. There’s even cover should you forget to put the right type of fuel in the tank! Any claim will be subject to the standard policy excess and the vehicle will be repaired by our extensive network of approved repairers.

If the windscreen in the motorhome is damaged during the period of hire, the repair/replacement cost will be covered under the Discover Hire policy, however, there is a £75 excess to be paid by the person hiring the vehicle.


What are common concerns motorhome owners have about hiring out their vehicles?

You might know somebody who owns a motorhome and may have considered hiring it out, but perhaps has reservations. Whilst motorhome owners may appreciate the income that their vehicles can generate, some are concerned about wear and tear to their vehicles. Being selective as to who the motorhome owner hires to and when, is a sensible way to protect their motorhome.

Some motorhome owners may be concerned about who uses their pride and joy. This could even extend to include who sleeps in their motorhome bed. From only £40 it’s possible to buy a mattress topper and £120 will even buy a new double mattress for a motorhome, so that the original can be preserved in pristine condition.

Should the very worst happen, motorhome owners have the peace of mind and security that the motorhome has specialist cover designed to protect it whilst being hired out under the Discover Hire policy.

With plenty of benefits to hiring a motorhome, it’s tempting to want to get out on the open road. If you know somebody who’s interested in hiring out their motorhome to you and it’s insured with Comfort Insurance, give us a call on 0208 9840 777 and our friendly team of experts can arrange a short-term hire insurance policy for you.

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Comfort Insurance

We’re a family run business with over 30 years' experience in the provision of specialist motorhome and campervan insurance. With a wealth of awards under our belt, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly and professional service, offering you the most comprehensive cover money can buy -  starting from just £220!

Comfort Insurance

We’re a family run business with over 30 years' experience in the provision of specialist motorhome and campervan insurance. With a wealth of awards under our belt, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly and professional service, offering you the most comprehensive cover money can buy -  starting from just £200!