Forumla 1 Grand Prix

A Motorhome Owners Guide to the British Grand Prix

Formula 1 fans know what a special event the British Grand Prix is.

And huge fans know that a weekend trip to Silverstone, to witness the occasion first hand, is an amazing experience.

Certainly one we would recommend.

Green Grand Prix Car

You can stay at Silverstone Woodlands – a modern, spacious and entertaining campsite that accommodates caravans, campervans and motorhomes.

Or, you can park up at one of the nearby campsites, and make the short trip to Silverstone on racing days.

Here’s everything you need to know about the British Grand Prix…

When is the British Grand Prix?

In 2017, the British Grand Prix takes place from July 14th – July 16th (Friday – Sunday).

However, if you want to stay at Silverstone Woodlands, then you can do so from July 12th – July 17th (Wednesday to Monday).

There is plenty of entertainment there to keep you occupied, even when the actual racing isn’t happening.

Formula One Red Race Car

How much does it cost?

You can either buy a weekend pass, or a ticket for individual days.

An individual day ticket can be bought for as little as £60, and as much as £400 depending on whether it’s a Friday, Saturday or Sunday ticket (and depending on the quality of seat you buy).

Weekend passes are obviously more expensive, with the minimum price being around £200.

This can rise to £425, depending on which stand you choose to sit in.

If you wish to stay at Silverstone Woodlands, then the cost is £79 per adult and £25 per child.

You will also have to pay an additional fee to bring your ‘live-in vehicle’ (i.e. your motorhome, or campervan).

This amounts to £30 for a 7m x 8m pitch – and rises to £50 for a bigger pitch.

Please note there will be a further charge of £100 if you wish to use the campsites electricity, and £140 if you’re on a large pitch.

But with all the outdoor entertainment, and excellent shower and toilet facilities available, you probably won’t need to pay for this.

Where can I stay?

As you can see, we’re really bigging up the Silverstone Woodlands campsite.

You can see for yourself why it’s so good on the website – but here are a few of the key benefits:

  • 150m from the Silverstone track
  • Hot showers and other amazing facilities
  • Great entertainment – live bands, live comedy, DJs, films, kids entertainment
  • Excellent food – restaurants and stalls
  • Bring your own alcohol! (No glass bottles)

If this doesn’t quite suit your taste, however, there are plenty of other local campsites nearby.

One is the Silverstone Golf Club, located just opposite the racing course, and open to campers and motorhome owners alike during the Grand Prix.

Another option is Whittlebury Park, which offers out its camping facilities throughout the year, for all sorts of different events.

Our final recommendation is Hamilton Fields, offering excellent facilities and no pitch size restrictions.

Any one of these spots would make a good base if you’re spending the weekend at the Grand Prix.

Whichever you decide, you’re certain to have a fun, lively and exciting time!

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