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Motorhome Owners Overprotective of their Vehicle?


Recent research has suggested that rather a large number of male motorhome owners are taking day’s holiday from work to spend time with their motorhomes. The research also revealed that many won’t let their partners behind the wheel of their beloved motor.


The research showed that 80 per cent of those that were asked said they would rather wash or drive their motorhome than go out with their friends. According to the study, those in the north east are the most likely to want to do this. The question that was asked was how they chose to spend their free time and 14 per cent confessed that they had spent it polishing their motorhomes.

Those in the south east are also the most likely to wait 12 months after they purchased the vehicle to let their partners drive it. One of the main reasons behind this was to prevent a claim on their motorhome insurance policy. However 20 per cent said they give n after about three months.

Minor Damage

Within the research the drivers were also asked what kinds of minor damage were the most annoying. Two in 10 said the most annoying was scratched paintwork and 29 per cent felt that damage to their tyres was top of the list. A further 26 per cent were annoyed about smashed windows and a surprising 20 per cent were annoyed by messages that were written in dust on their vehicles.

Astonishingly 54 per cent said they would never let their partners behind the wheel due to them being bad drivers.

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