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Motorhoming in the UK

We are trying to put together an information ‘hub’ for our readers here at the Comfort Blog. This is because we want you to get something out of your visits here – beyond a great deal on your motorhome insurance. Hopefully, you’ll feel inspired to offer tips of your own about out of the way places, great parks you know and love or even just your favourite travel destinations. Any tips or information you can offer will be greatly appreciated!

But, to get the conversation started, and to begin this epic adventure, we’d like to offer some of our thoughts on the matter of motorhoming in the UK. After all, this is where we are based, and where the majority of our customers are based, so it makes sense to start at home.

The UK countryside offers great diversity, we have beautiful beaches with wonderful white sand and calm turquoise sea,… We also have dramatic clifftops with crashing waves and a wide array of wildlife and weather. And that’s just the coastline… Inland is just as diverse, with wide areas of flat land, with nothing to interrupt the horizon but a few wind-swept trees and lonely cottages, to high peaks and mountains offering wonderful views from the top. There are many nature reserves throughout the country, and every county you visit is likely to offer something special, whether it’s a rare bird or plant, or a wonderful view – there is something for all nature lovers to see.

Then there’s the history. A country as old as Blighty is going to have some history! We have majestic and incomprehensible Stone Age monuments, such as Stonehenge (how did they get those stones there?); religious buildings aplenty with cathedrals and churches, abbeys and priories… Then there are the battlegrounds, forts and other Norman Castles, in all different states of repair.

All this without even mentioning Shakespeare and the rest of our literary heritage…

The UK is a tremendously exciting and interesting place to visit. I truly believe that one could spend a lifetime touring Britain, and still not get bored.

Have something to add? Been on a great UK motorhoming trip and what to share your experiences? Don’t be shy! Send us an email to share your travel experiences with us. Of course, if you have any fabulous photos, send ’em along too!

Happy touring!

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