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National symbol to appear on driving licence

Drivers with motorhome insurance in the UK can look forward to a change in the appearance of their driving licence if Prime Minister David Cameron’s idea to make the plastic licence card become more nationally identifiable goes ahead.

Mr Cameron seems determined to pursue a policy of installing national pride back into the country and he now believes that introducing a national emblem onto our plastic driving licences is an ideal way to demonstrate our nationality. The chance for the change will come in 2015 when the current licences will be updated. From that date microchips will be installed into new and renewed licences and the design could be changed. Mr Cameron would like to see the Union Flag or the Royal Crest introduced but it is thought there may be a chance that the separate countries of the Union may get the chance to have their own flag in much the same way as motorists can now have their national emblem on vehicle number plates.

If the decision is taken to introduce national symbols onto licences in 2015 it will still be 2025 before all drivers carry the new licences because of the 10 year renewal rule. Yesterday a Government spokesman said: “There’s no reason why the British driving licence should have the EU flag but not the union flag. People in this country are proud of our national symbols. It’s time that once again we allowed those national symbols on British driving licences.”

In fact a national symbol could have been introduced in 2006 and the idea was supported by many senior politicians at the time, however, the Labour Government at the time decided against the idea. The present Government does seem determined to install a national identity back into the British Isles and this seems just one more step along the way.

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