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Negotiating Traffic


Britain’s roads have never been much fun for the motorhome owner, and even for the regular driver, traffic can cause serious problems. Sitting in queues while waiting to go away can be immensely frustrating and sometimes just can’t be avoided, but here are a few tips on avoiding traffic as best as you can.

Avoid Peak Times

It may sound obvious, but rush hour around city centres should be avoided at all costs if you’re in a motorhome. Not only will you sit in queues for a long time, you’ll probably find it hard to change lanes and get to where you want to be. Equally, the first and last weekend in August are the top holiday weekends throughout the UK – if you can avoid travelling on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday then you should!

Use On-board Assistance

You can get sat-nav programmes and smartphone apps which give you live updates on the traffic situation in your area. Use them wisely and act upon their advice but be careful with alternative routes: though computer programmes might know where the traffic lies, they don’t necessarily know you’re in a motorhome. Particularly in the countryside, alternative routes could be narrow and leave you with scratched paintwork, damages and a motorhome insurance claim.

Make many Small Journeys

If you travel for five hours, you’re bound to find yourself getting into all kinds of difficult traffic, but you minimise this risk if you break up the journey. If you have to drive all day, why not start early, somewhere scenic for breakfast and avoid the 8-9am rush hour and then again for a late lunch or dinner around 5. This might take a little longer than sitting in traffic overall, but it’s definitely more enjoyable!

As you get to know your favourite camping areas you can start to predict what the traffic will be like and the sort of roads which are prone to becoming gridlocked. If the roads get busy then take your time and have some stops along the way: even if you don’t save much time you will save yourself the frustration of waiting in queues!

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