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New Range Rover Tows Airstream Caravan to Africa and back

Caravan owners know the importance of having a car that is able to tow their trailer easily and safely, especially as swaying trailers can cause accidents which would lead to caravan insurance providers having to pay out for damages. That is why it is so impressive that the new 2013 Range Rover model has managed to tow an Airstream 684 all the way to Africa and back without encountering any problems. Whilst many caravan owners are unlikely to embark on a journey of the same length and difficulty, they will still be impressed with the fact that the Range Rover succeeded such an amazing feat.

The 2013 Range Rover model is larger than the previous model, however is actually 420kg lighter meaning that the performance and economy has improved greatly. The new model is a second quicker than the previous one, as the 5.0 V8 Supercharged Range Rover has 503bhp and can get to 60mph in just 5.1 seconds. The economy has also improved meaning that it now offers up to 21 miles per gallon, which is an impressive nine per cent increase from the previous model. For caravanners, one of the most impressive aspects is the inclusion of Trailer Stability Assist technology, which monitors whether the trailer is swaying and then applies braking in order to combat the problem.

Samuelson Wylie Associations, who organised the eleven day trip, travelled over three thousand miles across varying terrains. They started in the Lake District and then travelled throughout Europe, visiting the Marques de Riscal building in Rioja, the beach in Casablanca, the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and the desert in Chichaoua along the way. Ben Samuelson from Samuelson Wylie Associations commended the new Range Rover and said: “The new Range Rover’s towing ability is nothing short of stunning. It pulled the two and a half tonne Airstream like it simply wasn’t there.”

“It didn’t matter what we, or weather, threw at it – it just did the job we asked of it without question, while truly cosseting us with its extraordinary luxury and refinement. The Range Rover’s Trailer Stability Assist meant that any sway in the trailer was dealt with before it ever started [and] there wasn’t an incline that slowed us down at all, even with a gross train weight of well over 5 tonnes.”

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