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Personalised Registration Plates for Motorhomes


Everyone has their own opinion about personalised number-plates and they do tend to polarise opinions: you really do love them or you hate them! However, plenty of motorhome owners love them; they can make a great addition to any motorhome and they can make ideal birthday or Christmas presents for loved ones. There are one or two technicalities involved in buying a personalised plate, though, so what do you need to know?

Transferring your Registration

You can buy your plate from many different sellers, but wherever you choose, the likely process is that you’ll have to transfer the plate from the previous owner to your motorhome. Your motorhome will have to have a valid MOT, tax and motorhome insurance policy. You will need to provide these details to the DVLA when you transfer your registration plate across.

Purchasing the Plates

Once you have been allocated the right registration number, you will have to pick up the physical registration plate. You may get one included if you buy from a retailer, but if not you can get these made up in most DIY stores and car dealers. Remember that you will need at least the number of plates you will use: a front, a rear and if you’re thinking of towing or mounting racks, you may need additional plates.

Design and Specification

It might be tempting to go for flashy colours and unique fonts when buying a personalised registration plate, but it’s not always legal. Your plate should be printed on standard, reflective yellow and white and there may be a blue strip with an emblem or a flag. It’s practical to get a GB emblem – you will only have to buy additional ones when you travel abroad if you don’t!

Personalised plates are fun, but they are also a legal identifier for your vehicle. Stick to the regulations, make sure you transfer all the information across you need and don’t use the plates until you have the appropriate paperwork from the DVLA – you won’t be road legal without it!

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