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Petrol companies squeezing every little drop out of motorists… again!

Holders of motorhome insurance policies, along with other motorists, are being ripped off by the petrol companies once again according to a report one of the UK’s leading motoring organisations.

According to the AA the wholesale price of petrol has fallen by around 9p per litre on the European wholesale markets over the last four weeks and yet motorists have not seen anything like that fall in prices at the forecourts. In fact the AA say that most UK motorists have seen little more than a 4p per litre drop.

Motorists are furious about the situation and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne can expect a rough ride in the press as well as in the Houses of Parliament over the next few weeks if he does not abandon the 3p a litre extra tax set to go on fuel in the New Year. AA President, Edmund King, said “It should beggar belief that, after the trauma of high fuel prices in the spring, the same thing should happen again six months later. Recent political focus has been on January’s 3.02 pence-a-litre fuel duty increase, either ignoring or unaware that duty’s ugly sister – unrestrained wholesale prices – has been running rampant in the fuel market. The Government said it was going to tackle high gas and electricity bills, yet it lets drivers and businesses down by not reacting swiftly to runaway wholesale and pump prices.”

A closer look at prices throughout the country shows that drivers in the North and East have fared a little better than those in the South and West but mobile home owners using diesel have actually seen cuts of about 2p per litre no matter where they are in the UK.

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