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Pre-Departure Checks

Motorhome maintenance is an ongoing process and some things only take a few moments to do, whereas some can take up large amounts of time and only need to be done a few times a year. However, there is one thing that you should never skimp on, and that’s your pre-departure check routine. All the things on the list below are essential for getting you safely on your way, so make sure you leave time before you travel:

Exterior Checks

Make sure your tyre pressures are close to their maximum level – you can find these on the side of the tyre – and ensure all of your lights are working. You will need to get some assistance to check your brake and reversing lights but it can be done just a moment before you depart. This is especially important if you’re towing a trailer or a car: make sure everything is properly wired up.

Under the Bonnet

On top of this, make sure your oil levels are good and your screen-wash is topped up. Brake fluid is also important over longer distances. If you’re going only a short way, it can be a good idea to fill up water tanks before you travel but the extra weight of the water will detriment your efficiency. It’s a balance between cost and convenience.

In the Glovebox

Finally, some of the most important items you need to make sure you have starts with a well charged mobile phone – you might be stuck without it. It’s also worth keeping your motorhome insurance details, the number of your breakdown recovery company and some cash or an emergency credit card. Even if you leave your normal wallet behind it’s very useful to know you’ll always be able to get a taxi back to safety.

If you can get into a habit with your pre-departure checks they will very quickly become a part of life. If you’ve properly undertaken your pre-flight checks, if the worst comes to the worst, you know you’re always covered.

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