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Red Vehicles get the Birds! Or is it the other way round?

Motorhome insurance policy holders will regard with interest the latest bit of fun research collated in a survey centred on… bird droppings!

Researchers spent two days trawling the streets of Brighton, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol and Glasgow collecting data on over 1000 cars that had been “visited” by the feathered population, in a bid to find which colour vehicle the birds preferred to deposit their “load” on. Apparently if you are averse to cleaning your car then purchasing a green campervan may prove to be good idea. According to the researchers green cars only have a 1% chance of being targeted by the birds whereas a red vehicle is 18 times more likely to be picked out by our upwardly mobile creatures. Blue cars did not fare much better but only 3% of silver vehicles registered a hit, so if you really can’t stand the thought of a green campervan then a silver one might be an option!

Motorists all seemed to have a different view on the subject with one driver saying birds picked on newly polished cars not because they were vindictive but because they could see their own reflection. Others said they thought birds targeted cars of a similar colour to themselves, for instance seagulls pick on white cars. The science behind it all is fascinating until you talk to an expert, who in this case was a spokesman for the British Trust for Ornithology, who said “We do know that birds can be attracted to certain colours during display but droppings on cars is probably more to do with where you park; if you park where birds roost, then you are going to get more droppings on your vehicle.”

It is no joke, however, if a motorhome owner lets the bird droppings linger on his vehicle. Bird droppings will quickly damage the clear coat on top of a motorhome’s paint finish and will leave permanent damage to the paint work if not removed as soon as possible.

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