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Responsible Touring


Whether you’re a hardcore motorhome fan or someone who just likes to take the campervan out once a summer, your actions and your decisions will have a real effect the perceptions of the camping community as a whole. Though usually motorhome and campervan owners are well respected and welcome throughout the UK and Europe, there are some areas which can be unfriendly so how can you ensure you’re touring responsibly and maintaining a good image for you and your fellow campers?

Parking Incidents

Occasionally there is a story in local press about poorly parked campervans or motorhomes blocking traffic or driveways. It’s essential to park legally and you’ll find yourself unable to claim on your motorhome insurance if you’re not parked legally, but you also need to park responsibly. Don’t block driveways, ensure there is always room cars and pedestrians to pass you when parked and always respect private property.

Local Roads

When you’re navigating somewhere new it’s often hard to find your way and occasionally you’ll stray down the wrong road. When this does happen ensure you communicate well and use signals appropriately: your hazard warning lights are very useful. Cars will appreciate you stopping to let them pass and make sure you make your intentions clear.

Protecting Campsites

Overnight parking is available in towns and cities, but some campsites have expressed concern lately over the number of motorhomes choosing to pay for city centre parking rather than using proper campsites. Using a site gives you far better access to facilities and helps to boost the heart of the camping community. Next time you’re travelling, try to use as many local sites as possible, even if just for a night: their business depends on you turning up!

There are a few quick and easy ways to make sure your impact when you’re touring is as minimal as possible and taking a few extra seconds to think about how you can help out the local area will boost the reputation of campers everywhere and help us to all make the most of the countryside and facilities we have.

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