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Safety in the Spotlight as Vans take NCAP Tests

The small mannequins that Euro NCAP regularly put through their paces in all sorts of scientific tests are infamous to anyone who has ever looked into car, van, or motorhome safety and the results have always been of great interest. However, there has always been a bit of disparity between the sort of tests that ordinary drivers can look to and those that are helpful to campervan and motorhome drivers.

Commercial Vans under Testing

To accommodate the rising demand for campers who are seeking to purchase commercial vans as opposed to traditional motorhomes or campervans, NCAP has put a series of commercial vehicles through their paces. This sort of test isn’t usually applied to vehicles that are intended to be carrying building tools and packages rather than people and it’s good to see solid results from the commercial category.

Not Designed for People

However much the safety of commercial vehicles is improving, NCAP are keen to highlight that it falls far behind that of a regular family MPV or, of course, a purpose-built campervan. The sorts of customised commercial vehicles don’t have the structural support required to keep crash impacts to a minimum that you can find on other sorts of campervans and MPVs.

Conversions are Still a Risk

Equally, though many of these vans performed well for their category, there is a considerable chance that converting a van can worsen its safety position. Of course, this will affect the van’s ability to withstand a crash and could well affect the premium you’re paying on your campervan insurance. If you’re concerned about the safety standard of a conversion then it’s worth speaking with a professional mechanic or campervan expert who can help you out.

It’s good to see that the safety of these unorthodox types of vehicles is coming under consideration on a large scale and that campervan owners are really thinking about safety. An accident could occur at any time, and it’s good to know that if it does you have a high chance of walking away without serious injuries.

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