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Safety When Working

Motorhome RepairsYou might have heard the tragic story of a Merseyside man who was killed undertaking repairs to his campervan a few months back. Just yesterday an inquest found his death was an unfortunate accent that might have been preventable with a few safety precautions. Though it is a truly sad story, it does highlight some important issues concerning safety when working on repairs or modifications to a motorhome.

Chocks and Jacks

If you’re working underneath your campervan you need to check and double check that your jack and chocks are firm and secure. Your campervan shouldn’t be able to roll anywhere and if there is even a chance of it moving you need to readjust your set-up and move things around. Absolutely do not take up a position underneath your campervan to set up your work area properly – it’s too big a risk to take.

Electrical Safety

Though wiring and soldering are fairly simple skills to master, there is no room for error when it comes to working with live electrics. You need to be absolutely certain that you are in no danger before you fiddle with electrics and don’t always trust the person who wired up your campervan before you – they may have used the wrong colour wires or made a mistake. Make sure you understand the circuits and where is live, neutral and earthed.

Protective Wear

If you’re an experience engineer you’ll know that goggles and good gloves are basic essentials, but you might not be so aware that repair works can damage your body in other ways. Prolonged exposure to loud drilling or hammering is incredibly damaging to ears and many welders have suffered eye damage from overexposure to light. You only get one body so you need to look after it!

Safety is paramount when it comes to campervan repairs so don’t take any chances that you don’t need to. If you have incurred damages that are not your fault, you may be able to claim on your campervan insurance but check your policy carefully – you may well not be covered for incidents that occur when your campervan is in the workshop.

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