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Save with a Black-Box


Motorhomes have benefitted hugely from improvements in technology over the last few decades and the introduction of motoring software, better reversing equipment and high-tech maintenance monitoring has generated great convenience for motorhome users, but not often is there a bit of technology which actually stands to save you money. However, sales of telematics – or so called ‘black boxes’ – have increased by five times over the last couple of years and they stand to save customers money on their motorhome insurance premiums.

What are telematics?

Telematics are essentially GPRS devices just like your sat-nav, but in a sense they send the signal backwards so that providers can collect certain information about your motorhome. They can see, for example, what sorts of speeds you have been travelling at, what sort of environments you’re parking in and, thus, insurance providers can match your exact risk profile to a price, potentially saving you money.

Data-protection Issues

Some customers have objected to what data is captured by these devices and, theoretically, satellites are able to capture very detailed information. The specifics of what data is captured varies depending on what device you buy, but with most providers, most of the geographical data will be anonymous and confidential.

Are they for me?

Black boxes are designed to save both insurance companies and consumers money and by profiling risk more accurately which saves generic prices. However, some people may not benefit if they have points on their license or a bad reputation for speeding, for example. It’s worth checking before you buy.

Black-box technology looks set to really grow over the next few years and although there is often an upfront cost, in the long run plenty of customers stand to save which, really, is great news all round!

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