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Searching for Winter Sun

Even though we’re starting to get used to wetter, colder weather in the UK, it’s definitely not the case that summer is over! In fact, the period between the end of the summer holidays and Christmas is one of the cheapest and easiest times to get away, and many motorhome owners relish the tranquility of winter sun. Here are our top destinations if you’re thinking of getting away before the festive season:

Southern Europe

The first choice of most people will be to drive as far south as you possibly can in the time you have available. In Spain, anywhere south of Barcelona should be consistently hitting high temperatures, as will most of Italy and even parts of Southern France. Weather around high ground will start getting stormy this time of year, so it may be best to avoid getting too close to the Alps or Pyrenees, but towns like Santander are easily accessible by boat and will be at their finest this time of year.

Go East

Alternatively, you’ll find sparkling waters and a bit of an adventure if you decide to visit Eastern Europe. Again, travelling south will be your best bet, and heading for places like Serbia or Bulgaria will give you a taste of summer. Be careful with your motorhome insurance policy if you’re going too far east and make sure you’re covered for whichever countries you decide to travel to.

North Africa

If you have a couple of weeks on your hands then the best place by far for some winter sun will be Morocco. The costal resorts of Tangier and Nador are easily accessible from the south of Spain but you will need to be realistic about the amount of time you have available. It’s easily a three day trip to Gibraltar from the South of England so be sensible with how far you want to drive: sometimes it’s easier to fly and hire.

Plenty of sun-spots are available around this time of year and you’ll find wonderful destinations are free from summer crowds and still as warm as paradise. Not only can you find sunshine in the more southern parts of Europe, there are some wonderful cultural spots that you might not have come across otherwise so feel free to explore and enjoy!

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