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Signal Boosters


A proper motorhome holiday isn’t complete without a few home comforts and just because you’re out and about, it doesn’t mean you can’t kick back and relax in front of the telly. Although, up until now, motorhome TVs have always been plagued with signal problems in remote areas and poor reception in poor weather. However, a new range of signal boosters from Fringe Electronics might be the answer to your problems, but how do they work and are they worth the money?

Technical Specification

There are a number of signal boosters on the market at the moment and they range in what they’re able to do, but simply signal boosters amplify digital signals picked up by your motorhome or portable TV antenna. In the same way that a microphone can amplify a voice, a signal booster will pick up on a received signal and play it back louder.

Choosing a Booster

The new range of Fringe boosters are excellent examples of all round signal boosters and should improve the quality of your viewing on the move by some amount. Some will offer auto-tune features which enable you to quickly switch on without any hassle if you’re crossing boundaries or moving between local TV areas. However, there is only so much a booster can do and if your aerial or TV isn’t functioning properly as it is then you might just be better off by buying a new set rather than forking out for a booster.

Problems with Theft

Motorhome thieves are tuned in to things like boosters, however, and not only will setting a booster in view tell a thief you have an expensive piece of technology on board, it will also tell them you’ve got a decent TV on board. Ensure your motorhome insurance policy is up to scratch but try as best as you can to put your booster out of view and out of the temptation of thieves.

If you’re someone who likes life’s little luxuries but has always had problems watching TV in camp-sites or places away from the beaten track then a booster might just be the answer for you!

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