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Sleeping in Style: Campsites across Europe

Even though traveling in a motorhome means you never have to worry about finding somewhere to sleep at night, finding a good campsite can make a huge difference to your holiday. Firstly, a well-kept campsite is a much more appealing than a car park or layby, and secondly most campsites have facilities that can make your journey more relaxing.

In our Autumn Road Trip guide we mention a number of campsites in Berlin, Munich, Tyrol, Verona, Barcelona and Bordeaux, which shows the vast amount of choice that motorhomers have when it comes to European campsites. So where should you start? Here, Comfort Insurance looks at some of our favourites:

Safety on the Road

Before we look at some of our favourite campsites in Europe it’s important to talk about safety. When traveling anywhere in your motorhome it’s always prudent to make a plan before you head off in order to ensure that you have places to stay along the way. Recently, there has been a spate of break-ins on motorhomes parked at service stations in France. Motorhome and campervan owners have always been advised by motorhome insurance providers and travel advice groups not to stop at service stations unless they have no other option, however the situation is becoming even more serious. As a motorhomer safety should be your number one priority when it comes to traveling, so make sure you always keep this in mind when considering where and when you will park up for the night.

City Camping Berlin – Berlin

The first stop on our ultimate road trip guide is the city of Berlin due to the fact that it is a beautiful, cultural city with numerous attractions. Berlin is a popular destination with tourists which means that it has a number of facilities available, however at the same time these facilities can become booked up extremely quickly. Luckily, City Camping Berlin has two campsites near the city centre – one based in Siemensstadt, north-west of the city centre, and another in Kleinmachnow which is south-west of the city. The Siemensstadt camp is situated on an island between two rivers and has a number of facilities including a hotel which serves hot meals and a playground for young children. Meanwhile, the Kleinmachnow camp is based on the waterfront and is only a five minute walk to the local bus-stop. Both resorts are therefore perfect for motorhome owners, and with prices starting at just €5,00 per night they’re great value for money too!

Camping Tres Estrellas – Barcelona

While Berlin is a popular destination for those looking for a bit of culture Barcelona is more preferable for those that want to relax by the beach and enjoy some sunshine. Camping Tres Estrellas is therefore the perfect campsite as not only is it right by the beach but it also has a range of facilities. There are two levels of pitches at the campsite – standard and premium – with the standard plots being 250-300 square foot and the premium spots 460 square foot. The premium spots also come with private electricity supplies however there are power supply spots every five pitches for the standard plots. The campsite also boasts internet access, restaurants, bars, swimming pools and a range of sports facilities, making it the perfect campsite for families!

Twin Lakes – Bordeaux

Even though the Twin Lakes campsite is an hour’s drive away from the city of Bordeaux it’s the perfect place for those wanting to get back to nature. According to the website, at Twin Lakes “guests will exchange the traffic jams for the French countryside, the crowded pavements for a coastal path, [and] the urban stress for the great outdoors.” Even though the campsite is more rural than the previous two sites it still has numerous facilities including a snack bar, two swimming pools and, of course, the lakes where guests can fish or just take in the scenery. Plots for motorhomes are around 100 square metres and come with 10 amp electric hook ups (EHUs), and there are also individually screened pitches with EHUs and water close by. In the high season you will have to pay around €30,00 per pitch per night but this should fit a family of four and children under five can stay for free.

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