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Speed limit ignored by many motorhome drivers

A survey by a company who offer motorhome insurance to many of their customers reveals that over three quarters of motorists in the UK admit to speeding and over a quarter of drivers think it is perfectly acceptable.

The survey polled over 3,500 motorists, many of them motorhome owners, for their opinions on the speed limit and their attitude to speeding in the UK and the results were controversial to say the least. Drivers in their 30s were the age group least impressed with speed limits with more than 8 in 10 saying they exceeded the speed limit on occasions. This is considerably more than drivers in the 18-24 group where less than three quarters said they went over the speed limit.

Perhaps the most dramatic figure gleaned from the survey was the different attitudes between men and women. While 36% of males believed it was acceptable to speed on some occasions, only 17% of females thought it acceptable; and the number of females admitting to speeding at some time was also 15% below the level of males. Dave Halliday, managing director of the company who commissioned the survey, admitted the results were worrying, and said “Our statistics show a worrying trend where people view a speed limit as simply a guide rather than a speed that’s appropriate for that road. It’s also concerning to see the different attitude between the genders, particularly the huge number of men who admit to driving over the speed limit and those who believe it’s acceptable.”

The survey went on to ask motorists if they thought speed limits should be increased on motorways and in residential streets. Over half thought the speed limit on motorways should be increased to 80 mph, but very few, less than 4%, thought increasing the 30 mph limit in residential areas was a good idea.

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