Staycations are even more popular this year

There are a few reports around at the moment suggesting that two thirds of families will be taking ‘staycations’ this year due to financial difficulties. Although this is a huge investment in the beginning due to  fuel and motorhome insurance costs, over a few years they prove to be great value for money. This has been supported by reports from the BCA which states that there has been increased interest in the caravan and motorhome sales which occur twice a month at Measham auction centre.

The last sale was held in June and there was a crowd of over 250 buyers as well as 200 people bidding live online. The total auction generated revenue of just under £900,000 which was gained from sales of 109 vehicles of the 111 that were on offer.

Black Horse Finance sold 51 vehicles which all sold the same day and had a huge turnover of £450,000 which was actually a record for one seller.

They had seven motorhomes for sale two of which attracted a huge amount of attention and therefore had a huge price tag attached to them. There was a 2008 Neisman Bischoff74 CGB which was sold for £36,000. As well as this there was a 6-berth Knaus S-Line motorhome which had a luxury finish including a double bed as well as an overhead bed, integrated televisions and leather trims. The estimate for the sale was £37,000 which was a huge underestimation as it actually sold for £51,000.

Caravans were also a popular choice amongst buyers and there were many sold for high prices, a 2008 Bailey Senator Wyoming 4 Berth sold above its estimate price and went for £8,900. The caravan that sold for the highest price on the day went for £12,900 which was a 2011 Swift Conqueror 645/4.

Ross Taylor is disposal manager at Lex Autolease has said, “We have a superb selection of motorhomes and caravans every month at this sale. We have worked very hard with the team at BCA Measham to ensure the marketing and presentation of these leisure sales is first class and we are delighted with the results we achieve.”

Tim Naylor is a spokesman at BCA and he added, “With relatively limited opportunities to buy caravan and motorhome at auction, these sales have always been popular, but the step up in interest this year has been exceptional. Buyers are competing very strongly across the board and values are routinely exceeding guide prices – often by a considerable margin.

“This ties in with recent reports that many families are considering staying in the UK and taking short breaks this year. No doubt many see a caravan or motorhome as a good value investment for this year’s holiday and for the years ahead.”

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