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Storms and Floods: UK Driving Update


The weather we’ve been seeing over the weekend is out of character for even the UK and here at Comfort Insurance our thoughts are with all those affected by the flooding. Over the next few days, though, the heavy rain, storms and floods aren’t forecast to yield just yet, so to help you get around over the coming week here are our driving tips for stormy weather.

Slow and Steady

It sounds simple, but cutting ten or fifteen miles per hour off your usual speed will severely lessen your stopping distances and give you more time to react to any situation. In poor visibility this is especially important as you can never be sure what is round the next bend. If at all possible, stay with the major roads, too – they are usually better lit and less prone to flooding.

Standing Water

With good ground clearance most motorhomes can take on standing water easier than cars. However, you need to be careful not to aquaplane your motorhome; don’t make any sharp movements or any unnecessary jolts of the steering. If you can’t see the exit of a patch of water then you should stop and find an alternative route – you can never be sure how deep standing water can be, especially in the dark.

Simple Tips

Finally, make sure your lights are on, your fog-lights if necessary, and you have well inflated tyres and enough fuel to make your journey. Keep your motorhome insurance details and any breakdown recovery information handy and it’s always worth keeping a few extra blankets and food supplies handy. If the worst was to happen and you were to become stuck it’s best to have the requisite provisions handy.

If the worst comes to the worst, the best advice is don’t travel at all. Next week doesn’t look a great week for the holidaymaker so think carefully if you have any trips scheduled. If you do need to travel, take things slow and easy and make sure your mobile phone has lots of charge, just in case.

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