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Surf Trips and Campervans

The campervan, especially the retro VW models, have been long associated with catching waves and plenty of people still use motorhomes as great ways to catch the best waves. With more space in the boot than a car there’s always plenty of room for a couple of boards and a shower room or even just a kettle is a godsend if you have just finished a cold session. So, how can you use your campervan to make the most of the waves?


It’s simple advice but if the main beach is crowded or flat then don’t be afraid to drive a few bays down to see what you can find. A slight change of angle or depth on a beach can be the difference between high quality surf and nothing at all. Make sure any beaches you surf at are lifeguarded, however, and always take stock of tide times.


Storing surfboards shouldn’t be a problem in most campervans and it’s worth seeing if you can manufacture a drying rack for wetsuits. Be careful of drying suits without any ventilation – you may cause problems with damp and mould. Check that your campervan insurance covers all your contents, too, especially if you’ve got a few nice surfboards in the back.

Camping up

It’s good to have a base at a campsite but perhaps plan a journey so that you move on to a different place every night. That way you’ll see the largest possible area of your country you can and you stand to meet some great people. You might need to book in advance for particularly busy sites but don’t worry too much if you’re in popular tourist areas like Cornwall or West Wales, there ought to be plenty of campsites around.

A campervan is a great way of catching some waves and can be a really practical way of getting a good, varied taste of a particular coastline. Test out your kit before you get on the road and make sure you’re covered for any surfboards or wetsuits left in your campervan.

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